Spatial Analysis

How spaces work - socially, ergonomically, operationally, organizationally - can drive performance. How can you navigate the subtle differences in spatial layouts that can have huge impacts on teams and processes?

Spatial Analysis rigorously evaluates floorplans and spaces by metrics including view access, serviceability, and ease of subdivision. It’s adaptable to custom metrics as well. It gives you objective insight on how a specific space could fit a teams or organization. It can even extend to entire portfolios, creating actionable rankings and scores for the spatial structure of every floorplan.


Circulation Analysis - How easy it is not navigate and service a space
Subdivison Analysis - The natural ways to partition a space
View Access Analysis - The areas which have access to exterior views
Visibility Analysis - Areas of the plan which are most visible and thus socially critical

Circulation Case Studies

View Access Case Studies


Spatial Generation