YEAR : 2018
CLIENT : Non-Disclosed
TEAM : Tobias Nolte, Andrew Witt, Olivia Heung, Valentin Zellmer

What does the autonomous super future hold for the proliferate house stuffed by last century’s necessities for modern life ? What will become of our kitchens and living rooms as they vacate into the digital realm ? Somewhere between a ‘machine for living’ and ‘home’ that is ‘not a house’ exists an interface for a new standard of living defined by a shared access to goods, online communities, and fleeting notions of ownership.

In the Berliner Buoy, we emancipated the house from its static utilities and mechanical dis-services to imagine a context of perpetual resource circulation. We put it on wheels to drive, buoys to float, and propellers to fly. We did away with walls to make room for impulsive spatial provisioning and collapsed domestic appliances into its envelope. With furniture undergoing an identity crisis every hour and a bipolar interior, life in this tiny house is one of combinatory comfort and mismatched affairs.