Year: 2018
Clients: Certain Measures
Project Team: Andrew Witt, Tobias Nolte, Minyong Kim, Gavin Ruedisueli
Exhibitions: Le Laboratoire-Cambridge MA, The Factory Contemporary Art Center-Ho Chi Minh City, Storrs Gallery-UNC Charlotte

HORIZONS is a journey into a city dreamed by neural networks. Inspired by the Ed Ruscha book “Every Building on the Sunset Strip,” the artists trained special AI software to generate an endless street view of a fantasy city.

The piece has five related, infinite horizontal views, from top to bottom:

(1) The images that the neural net learns from – from Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Cappadocia, and more
(2) An endless list of possible patterns
(3) The endless elevation of the dream city, composed of a selection of fantasy buildings
(4) The unique “fingerprints” of each new building
(5) An archive of every new building created by the neural net.
HORIZONS invites you to step into a city that bridges human and machine imagination.