Year: 2020
Client: SBB / CFF / FFS - Swiss Federal Railways, Smart City Lab Basel
Team: Tobias Nolte, Andrew Witt, Olivia Heung, Valentin Zellmer

The SBB Autonomous Home imagines the domestic field as a site of transit, one’s home as a dock for appliances and personal belongings. Working with the Swiss Federal Railways’ Smart City Lab Basel, the housing unit is aggregated around a service core redefined as a vertical trolley for autonomous appliances to circulate. As domestic functions have dissolved into an electric and networked metropolis, showers, ovens, closets, and beds are unbounded from the walls and like houseguests or the occasional pets, become temporary visitors to intimate living spaces.

The Autonomous Home cycles from bedroom to office to shower through the passing of feral devices. Dematerialized, the home becomes a choreography of services and furniture orbiting the occupant.