Enfilade Remix

Named for the military formation of single-file soldiers, the enfilade is an arrangement of sequential and nested doorways, a serial perspective which creates remarkable parallax and indirect light effects. The panorama is a kind of opposite of the enfilade: an experience not of a singular point but of map for the complete field of vision. What would the child of the enfilade and the panorama feel like?

We asked whether the seriality of these chambers could become a theatre of dramatic difference, a kind of liquid space to the more classical regimentation. We created an exceedingly long corridor – maybe an infinite corridor – a menagerie of spatial effects which are consequences not of animation but of the simple parallax of the movement of the observer through the space.

Enfilade 01: Richter Scale, an Homage to Hans - A journey through an extremely attenuated corridor, with transformative parallax effects.
Enfilade 02: “Into the Monolith” Remix - A stereoscopic view of the same attenuated corridor.
This axonometric illustrates the sequential structure of an extremely attenuated enfilade corridor. The accompanying animations document the experience traversing this space, as a flattened panorama.


Aerial Futures