Extreme waste calls for extreme reuse. As a full-scale proof of concept for our generative approach to the circular economy, we disassembled and scanned an entire country house (dacha). Using our machine vision and optimization methods, we developed tools to reuse these wood elements in new geometric configurations and automatically design new dachas of the future, part spacecraft, part country house. Each wall is an extrusion, intersected as a collection of architectural vaults, defining new spaces from the vestiges of the old.

The result is an immersive exhibition for Futurium, Berlin’s museum of the future. Visitors may interactively control a swarm cloud of scrap that dynamically constructs new dachas of the future, from the detailed scanned pieces of the original dacha. A full-scale prototype of one of the dachas will complete the show. The project is an end-to-end vision of a waste-free future.


Mine the Scrap Software