Micro Mobility

Personal transport will transform how we move through buildings and the form of architecture itself.

New electric forms of personal and autonomous mobility like eBikes and ground-based drones have the potential to restructure not only the city but the use of individual buildings. In particular, each has a kind of geometry intrinsic to it which defines how it moves, climbs, and circulates.

For a micro mobility project by Studio Schwitalla, we developed geometries of woven ramps and staircases that might emerge within buildings that embrace an electric future and transform architecture from the inside out.

Mobility Options

Analyzing the various constraints of each mobility option

Radius Size and Speed Matrix

Associated ramp geometry with each major mobility option

Algorithm Explanation

An overview of the algorithm options
Smoothly integrating many geometric mobility considerations in a single ramp

Ramp Taxonomies

A study of the different ramp taxonomies