Spatial Recognition

The perfect site, parcel, or building for a specific purpose depends on both demographic and spatial characteristics. How can you narrow large databases of potential properties to find your perfect fit?

By combining metadata like demographics and amenities with intrinsic shape and geometric data, Spatial Recognition instantly shows all of the buildings - in a city, in a country, on the planet - that have your specific characteristics. It’s a software tool for scanning, searching, planning, and gaining insight into large sets of property parcels using both metadata and geometric data.

It combines image recognition technology with pattern-matching and artificial intelligence to search for visual patterns in parcels. By classifying, comparing, and sorting these patterns, Spatial Recognition can find the perfect parcel or plan to match your tailored qualitative requirements. It can even search city plans directly, finding new opportunities. For designers, it lets you see not just a few precedents for a building - but hundreds, or all of them. It’s a powerful new way to gain insight into the space of buildings and cities.

Using shape recognition, you can draw a form and find all of the buildings which have that form in a city or set of cities.
Using a custom-built application, users can search cities for parcels which match precise shape and demographic parameters.


Spatial Analysis