Year: 2017
Clients: Boston Society of Architects
Team: Tobias Nolte, Andrew Witt, Mike Degen, Jason Tucker
Collaborators: Mary Hale, Kate Balug
Exhibitions: The New Inflatable Moment at the BSA Space

We visualize the intersecting architectural and technical histories for the Boston Society of Architects’ “New Inflatable Moment” show.

Chronorhythms is an interactive visualization of inflatable history that is both a timeline and a heartbeat. Using a simple dial interface and an immersive 12 foot display, patrons can literally tune history by browsing the critical events in the development of inflatables situated in the context of the pulse of cultural fascinations.

Using Google NGrams data, which compiles billions of words for millions of written volumes across the last four centuries, we can understand the frequency, recurrence, and cultural presence of various concepts across time and trace their cyclic ascension and decline. Chronorhythms puts pivotal moments in cultural context and brings big data to our understanding of history.

A clip of the piece at the opening for The New Inflatable Moment at the BSA Space