Year: 2018
Client: Le Laboratoire
Project Team: Andrew Witt, Tobias Nolte, Gavin Ruedisueli, Olivia Heung, James Yamada
Sound Design: Simon Epstein / Signal Sound

Drawing from the Japanese craft resurrecting shattered vessels with sutures of pure gold joinery, Kintsugi++ imagines a machine trained in the delicate craft of mosaic.

Presented as a response to the practice of shattering pieces that do not meet the standard for perfection in elite porcelain factories, we collect the remnants and use computer vision to reclaim and ennoble them as elements of complex and intricate new forms. Staged as an immersive double projection, the viewer enters the dream state of the algorithm, an animated galaxy of recombinant fragments and shards. The dynamic mosaics constantly assembling and disintegrating create a kaleidoscope of artificially imagined vessels of striking new potential. We propose a new way to think about the radical reuse of waste, a new relationship between maker, machine, and material.